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About Us

Panacea Portal is on a mission to implement and provide the cost savings measures in the medical administrative processes. We are in the process of developing an innovative solution to reduce time and labor cost associated with patient registration, insurance verification, and other administration
processes with our integration partnerships and ingenious web portals that will communicate simultaneously to give your medical facility the state of the art solution you have been looking and waiting for.

Roughly 25% of all spending consists of administrative costs and our goal is to help reduce that by 10% or more and save and reduce labor hours associated with this process which will lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue saved for medical facilities throughout the U.S.


Interoperability is the way of the healthcare future. We are in the process of developing and partnering with healthcare providers and software developers, to bring your facilities and practices the best solutions.

Consulting Services

Is there parts of your facilities and practices administrative processes that need streamlined? Are you looking for an alternative way to propel your business forward? Let us take a look at how your company processes it’s work flow and see if we can implement a work flow process that can reduce cost and unnecessary labor hours, so you can spend more time on more important projects.

RCM Services

Our focus on Revenue Cycle Management services is, we want to help educate and mentor your Emergency departments registration and insurance verification staff to get the most accurate information from your patients while they are in the waiting room. Our processes will help streamline and change how registration processes is done in your emergency department settings. This will reduce many missed errors from our analysis of our many years of experience in this setting.


Do you feel you may be a great fit to partner with us? Reach out to us and let’s talk. We are looking for strategic partnerships that can benefit the healthcare industry and also the HR benefit administrator sectors.

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